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Plug-in Comfort and Warmth at Your Feet Over Tile, Wood & Carpeted Floors

Easy to Install:

  • Lay down nonslip pad
  • Roll out RugBuddy® heating panel and flatten
  • Tape down corners and sides
  • Lay down area rug
  • Plug in and enjoy

Easy to Operate:

  • Press top button for (on)
  • Press bottom button for (off)
  • Leave on as long as you like!
  • Use optional timer to control on/off times (not included)
Kids Playing on Warm Area Rug Heated by RugBuddy

Use Over Carpet & Carpet Tiles

Use Over Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Safe Over Wood & Luxury Vinyl Plank

Safe Over Wood, Vinyl & Tile

Use Over Stone, Tile & Hard Surfaces

Latest Models Feature New Plug

100% Safe

  • Waterproof!
  • GFCI protected!
  • No risk of shock!
  • No risk of fire!
  • No electromagnetic radiation (EMR)!
  • No Carbon monoxide or toxic emissions!


  • No dust or mold circulation!
  • No germs disbursement!
  • Helps relax stiff muscles and joints!
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • May help promote blood circulation!

Energy Efficient

  • Lower your thermostat!
  • Only heat the rooms you’re in!
  • Just pennies a day to operate!


  • Rolling office chairs are ok!
  • Furniture legs ok!
  • Washable (even steam clean your carpets!)

RugBuddy Is Available in 5 Sizes to Fit Under the Most Popular Size Rugs