RugBuddy® 170W for 3×5 Rug

RugBuddy® 170W for 3×5 Rug


Available on backorder

RugBuddy® 170W Fits Under a 3 x 5 Foot Area Rug

Plug-in Comfort and Warmth at your feet, over tile, wood, and carpeted floors. Enjoy the comfort of electric radiant heat without having it professionally installed under your floors! Rugbuddy is portable and plugs into a standard outlet.

Great for warming up to 15 ft² cold spots in play rooms, smaller bedrooms, under your office desk, and more! Chair wheels – no problem! Great for yoga and stretching exercises, too!

The RugBuddy® 170W is 34″ x 58″ (2’10” x 4’10”) and fits nicely under a 3′ x 5′ area rug. It plugs into a 120V, grounded outlet. Suitable for area up to: 15 ft². Cord length is 8’.

Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee, 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defect.

NOTE: You must use a rug on top of the RugBuddy, and a rug pad below (not included).

Energy Usage:
• 170 watts
• 1.42 amps
• 120V

Size: 34” x 58” (2’10” x 4’10”)

Product Type:  Space Heater

Brand:  RugBuddy

Model number:  USRB.170W.12.120 (replaces RB165w)

Available on backorder



Use Over Carpet and Carpet Tiles

Use Over Carpet & Carpet Tiles

Safe Over Wood, Vinyl & Tile

Safe Over Wood & Luxury Vinyl Plank

Latest Models Feature New Plug

Use Over Stone, Tile & Hard Surfaces

Easy to Install:

  • Lay down nonslip pad
  • Roll out RugBuddy® heating panel and flatten
  • Tape down corners and sides
  • Lay down area rug
  • Plug in and enjoy

Easy to Operate:

  • Press top button for (on)
  • Press bottom button for (off)
  • Leave on as long as you like!
  • Use optional timer to control on/off times (not included)

100% Safe

  • Waterproof!
  • GFCI protected!
  • No risk of shock!
  • No risk of fire!
  • No electromagnetic radiation (EMR)!
  • No Carbon monoxide or toxic emissions!


  • No dust or mold circulation!
  • No germs disbursement!
  • Helps relax stiff muscles and joints!
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • May help promote blood circulation!

Energy Efficient

  • Lower your thermostat!
  • Only heat the rooms you’re in!
  • Just pennies a day to operate!


  • Rolling office chairs are ok!
  • Furniture legs ok!
  • Washable (even steam clean your carpets!)
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