Speedheat’s Floor Heating Solutions Help with Lots of Special Situations

Talk about versatility! Speedheat’s floor warming systems not only add comfort to homes and businesses, they also help with lots of other special situations. Our RugBuddy® heating panels are great at warming up cold recreational vehicles and house boats. Our electric radiant heat helps relax stiff muscles and joints. It is also know to reduce inflammation, and shown to promote blood circulation!

RV & House Boat Heating

RV & House Boat

RugBuddy® is a great portable, plugin option to warm recreational vehicles and house boats.

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Back Pain Relief & Stretching

Back Pain Relief
& Stretching

Electric radiant heat helps relax stiff muscles and joints, and it has been shown to reduce back pain.

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Arthritis Relief for People & Pets

Arthritis Relief for
People & Pets

Our warming systems have been shown to reduce inflammation and promote circulation.

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Positive Reviews from Our Clients & Customers

“We just renovated our master bathroom and installed the Speedheat floor warming system under the tile. When the bathroom was complete and the heat system turned on for the first time, we were absolutely amazed at the comfort the system brings into the room. I would recommend this system to any homeowner; the comfort certainly outweighs the cost. It is now our favorite room in the house.”

Jay & Lynne G.

“Speedheat has been providing our clients with heated tile floor systems for over 10 years. Lori and the team are professional, responsive and do an excellent job with product installation.”

Dale Contant, Atlanta Design & Build

“We have Speedheat in our living room, and we love it. Our two little girls really enjoy sitting on the warm floor, and since we are able to warm the area where we spend the most time, we actually use less heat than before. I would recommend the product for any room where you spend a considerable amount of time, such as the playroom, nursery, or living room.”

Lisa M.

“We are a full-service remodeling company in the north metro area (Atlanta) and have used Speedheat many times over the years. They are professionals that provide a great product in an efficient manner, on time and at the price they quote. I would highly recommend them and their team.”

John Rogers, John Rogers Renovations

“This company offers the in-floor heating wires with thermostat. The price includes the installation, and although I do remodeling, I prefer for them to install. It works great! My clients love them. I even have a client with back problems, and he starts the day on his back on the floor!”

Caren Danneman, Danneman Designs