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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Technical Information

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Patented Heating Element
US Patent 5558794


  • ElementSelf-regulating, 1/16th inch multi-stranded heating element never over heats; maintaining a maximium element temperature of 86-87 F.
  • Full ground screen and a double Tefzel coating for added safety.
  • During tests, it was found that the heating cable could stand excessive voltages and currents beyond its designed rating.
  • Resistant to most chemical solvents.
  • In a fatigue test, no fatigue was encountered in the cable after a 65,000 cycle test in which the cable was bent to and fro.


  • In excess of 20 different sizes of heating elements.
  • Varying from 135 Watts to 1425 Watts output, which may be combined to provide heating for any room size.

Power Density

  • From 11 Watts per ft2 to 18 Watts per ft2, depending on the final floor covering.
  • Voltage 120 or 240 VAC


  • Manufactured in compliance with IEC (International Electrical Committee) safety specifications
  • Tested 100% Safe.
  • Resistant to fire, and is self-extinguishing.
  • In accordance with Article 424 of ANSI/NFPA 70, "National Electrical Code" (NEC)

GFCI Protection

  • Heating elements must be connected to a grounded power supply via a GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupter) protected outlet or thermostat.


  • Room or floor sensing or a combination of both via a 7-day fully programmable GFCI protected thermostat.


  • Products are manufactured by Klimax Manufacturing Ltd, which is an ISO 9001:2000 listed company.

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