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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


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Generation4™ Energy Efficient Electric radiant floor heating by Speedheat®

The Speedheat® Patented G4™ element construction makes "electric floor surface heating" possible. This means useable and safe, and for many varying applications and possibilities and many advantages made practical possible and durable due to the "invention of the micro size element".

There is more to that: Any invention has to be put in practice, and if of no practical use, it is useless. So I patented the element and the construction, giving cause to a durable and lasting product that can be produced in practice and is economically viable, and applied safely in any imaginable application. It has no known ageing or other degrading effect. Note that non ageing is most important for Buddy and Mate. It is no use to be safety tested and approved when new, but becoming gradually dangerous due to materials ageing after a while. (Caused by constant bending, flexing, and heat/cold cycling or not resilient enough or simply chemically degrading such) Consumers would not realise the newly developing danger! Nor would the original sales person, the test authority, or electrical authorities! That is why many companies come and go of the scene. At the same time, the element has self regulating characteristics to help prevent overheating in a designed application to help reduce risk. Some characteristics are less important for TileWarm.

However chemical degrading of the electrical insulation could be disastrous over time. (Particular in bathrooms, or floods) Note that PVC ages with time. The element resilience is still most important on wood sub floors which unavoidably move to a certain extend, expand and contract, and may settle considerable. The element also makes possible to be placed on TOP of insulators. This was another first, not an invention, but a result of the element construction. Again this principle makes possible carpet heating, but also WoodBeWarmer. It is also possible to place the element on a layer of insulating cork (heat and sound and flame proof and water repellent and inflammable). Note cork also does not age and is a renewable Green material. There are more materials like that, such as recycled rubber, but those have lesser impact then cork. I addition it is possible to place the element subject to movements such as on ships and on decks, and in Yachts and anywhere where overall movement is expected to be considerable. Testing is done under an office castor chair with a 160 Pound person, turning and chewing the carpet, underlay, and elements for an estimated 20 years use. The carpet fails, the underlayment fails, and the heater construction may fail, but NEVER the element due to flexing. In short, only the imagination is the limitation. It is the various "floor surface heating applications" and products that not one competitor can compete with. Competitors merely us some standard element, tested when new, without due regard to ageing and consequential risks effecting medium term, never mind long term safety. Safe guarded only by many unreliable circumstances of which burying in cement is one, and can not offer the unique spread and energy saving solutions the Speedheat element can. That is in principle Generation4 floor heating. Apply the Optimum solutions, achieve superb comfort and minimise energy use, while keeping safety as priority. Durability and Non ageing are an inherent part of such design solution in the long term.


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