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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions, Product Manuals, Tutorials, and Tips for our Energy Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems and Accessories

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Under Area Rug Heating Panels (120V)

  • Designed for easy user installation.
  • No tools or electrician needed.
  1. Lay it down. Secure the Speedheat heating panel to the carpet pad with double-sided adhesive tape, and then roll the area rug over the panel. Over a concrete sub-floor use an extra insulation pad.

  2. Plug it in. Plug the GFCI safety plug into the closest 120V wall socket, press the top button on the plug, and a light will come on, indicating that your area rug heating panel is now energized.

  3. It makes you warm. Feel a 10F to 15F temperature rise on top of the rug in minutes.

Download RugBuddy Installation Instructions (PDF)

Download Warranty Form (PDF)


Under Tile and Hard Surfaces Heating System (120V and 240V)

* A qualified electrician must perform all electrical connections.

Installation of the heating element may be performed by a suitably trained flooring contractor, the Speedheat appointed under floor heating installer in your area, or an experienced DIY person following the comprehensive instructions.

  1. Preparation. Specifying the correct element models and floor configuration requires some practice, and Speedheat is happy to assist. Fax your floor plan to us and we'll work out the optimum solution.

  2. Placement. Element strips are supplied with adhesive tape along two edges. Peel off the protective wax paper, and stick the heating element down to the floor in the pre-determined configuration. Navigating around permanent floor fixtures is easy, and you can be sure there will be no cold spots.

  3. Protection. To protect the element during the tiling process, Speedheat ProtectaMesh is placed down over the heating element wires on the floor. Once the cold leads have been pulled up into a junction box in the wall, a Speedheat electronic continuity monitor is attached. An alarm sounds if there's any damage.

  • In the unlikely event that damage occurs to the element after completion of tiling, Speedheat has sophisticated electronic detection equipment, allowing detection & repair of the heating system without lifting the entire floor.
  1. Electrical connection. A qualified electrician must perform all electrical connections.
    Dependant on the floor area to be heated, 120V or 240V elements may be specified. A qualified electrician will then provide an appropriate power supply cable to a junction box.

  2. Speedheat under tile heating elements may only be connected to a power supply via a GFCI protected thermostat or wall socket. Speedheat recommends a particular UL listed 120V/240V auto sensing, intelligent, programmable GFCI thermostat to ensure optimum performance of the system.

TileWarm™ Installation Instructions (PDF)

TileWarm™ Strips Tear and Turn Installation Instructions (PDF)

Monitor Box Instructions (PDF)

Monitor Box Quick Start Instructions (PDF)

Monitor Box Testing Procedure (PDF)

IntuiStat™ Conduit Installation Instructions (PDF)

IntuiStat™ Tile Installation Instructions 120v (PDF)

IntuiStat™ Tile Installation Instructions 240v (PDF)

240v Relay Connection Diagram (PDF)



  • Typically, more than one heating panel is required to provide optimum comfort in a room.

  • Under new carpets, the carpet installer fits the Speedheat panels.

  • Under existing carpets, installation is performed by a trained installer in your area, or you can do it yourself with our simple instructions.

CarpetMate™ Installation Instructions (PDF)

CarpetMate Hot Tail Instructions (PDF)

IntuiStat™ CarpetMate Installation 120v (PDF)

Warranty Form (PDF)


Under Wood Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems

  • Heating systems available under all floating and wood flooring, including nailed down hardwood.
  • Must be new installation; cannot go beneath flooring, between joists.

Floating Wood Installation Instructions (PDF)

Nailed Down Hardwood Installation Instructions - Strips (PDF)

Nailed Down Hardwood Installation Instructions - Panels (PDF)


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