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How to Program Your IntuiStat™ Thermostat

How to program your thermostat!

OJ Thermostat Programming Tutorial

In Comfort mode the temperature can be temporarily changed (over-ride) for a single event. The comfort mode temperature is reset at the next event, and the thermostat will return to the scheduled event program. In Manual mode the scheduled event program can be cancelled e.g. during holidays, instead the temperature can be adjusted to e.g. 41 degrees F (5 degrees C) for frost protection. The new setpoint is valid until the manual mode is cancelled.

And, the OJ will even Monitor the energy consumption. Total On time (in %) can be displayed for the most recent 2 days, 30 days or 365 days. Your program is even protected with a Backup function - In the event of a power failure, an internal circuit will maintain the programming and time for up to 50 hours.

IntuiStat 120v Installation Instructions (PDF)

IntuiStat 240v Installation Instructions (PDF)

IntuiStat 120v CarpetMate Installation Instructions (PDF)

IntuiStat Basic Programming Instructions (PDF)

IntuiStat User Manual (PDF)

IntuiStat Hi-Lo Floor Sensor Programming Instructions (PDF)



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