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RugBuddy™ is Instant Heated Floors


RugBuddy™ 1410 Portable Floor Heater Panels

  • Three (3) 5.5' x 8' panels
  • Model USC.1410.11.120

Perfect for your larger areas in basement, sunroom, your family room, play rooms, bedrooms, that cold room over your garage, and more!

Great for yoga and stretching exercises, too!

The 8' electric cord is located in the corner of the heating panel, so it is easily hidden.  There is the GFCI plug with "on" and "off" buttons at the end, you can rest assured that there is no risk of fire or electric shock.

Installation is simple.  Simply lay down your non-slip rug pad (Speedheat offers these for your convenience, but you will do just as well with a rug pad from your local hardware or carpeting store.  Next, you simply tape down the corners and a couple of areas of the sides of the panel to the rug pad.  Then, all you have to do is lay down your area rug, plug it in, and turn it on!

If you decide at a later date that you would like to permanently install your RugBuddy under wall-to-wall carpeting, simply follow the CarpetMate installation instructions with your RugBuddy panel, and you can have a permanent heating solution with what is now, your CarpetMate under carpet heating system!

We do offer the PlugBuddy plug-in thermostat, but most of our customers are content with simply plugging it in and turning it on and off, themselves, or using a grounded timer that is easily found at your local hardware store.

GFCI Plug on RugBuddy - Click to Enlarge

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You must use a non-slip/non-creep pad with your RugBuddy. This can be found at your local hardware or flooring store or ordered through Speedheat.


Control Options:

RugBuddy™ Options:

YOU MUST USE A RUG PAD under RugBuddy!

Do not leave small children or animals that cannot move sleeping on the RugBuddy™!

DO NOT leave the following insulating items with zero clearance on top of the RugBuddy™ UNATTENDED!

Pillows, comforters, mattresses, clothing, pet bedding, and other insulating items.



(Three 5.5 x 8)

Power Source:

Plug in to two 120V, grounded outlets

Suitable for area up to:

132 sf

Energy Usage:

  • 1410 watts
  • 11.76 amps
  • 4812 btu
  • 120V

Product type: Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Product type: Space Heater

Brand: Speedheat

Model number: USC.1410.11.120

UPC: 895104000595


  • Lay down nonslip pad
  • Roll out heating panel and flatten
  • Tape down corners and sides
  • Lay down area rug
  • Plug each heater into 3-prong, grounded, 120V outlet or power strip.


  • Press top button for (on)
  • Press bottom button for (off)



  • Lay down Non-slip Pad
  • Lay down RugBuddy™
  • Tape down Corners
  • Lay down Area Rug
  • Plug in and Enjoy!
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Now that you have tried it with the Speedheat®, compare to other space heaters!