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CarpetMate™ is Carpet Heating


CarpetMate™ is Carpet Heating Panel Mats
(Easy Install - No Mortar)

100% Safe, Silent, Energy-efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating

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Easy-to-install, safe, silent, and energy efficient electric radiant floor heating panels by Speedheat® Floor Heating. Simple installation between the padding and the carpet with no mud bed or ductwork necessary make CarpetMate™ the ideal solution for your cold room or whole home!

Now you can install 1/16th-inch thin Speedheat under carpet heating blankets under new or existing wall to wall carpets, and you will instantly experience a luxurious comfort from the ground up; warming body & sole.

Three CarpetMate 470 Panels!

Just $848.00

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Need Help?
Fax or Email a Floor Plan for a Free Custom Layout and Quotation!

SmartStatProgrammable Controls or Plug-in
(sold separately)

Cord-connected through a GFCI plug or hard-wired through a GFCI IntuiStat™ (Fully programmable 7-day thermostat), CarpetMate heating systems are 100% safe and begin heating in less than 30 minutes.

Adding comfort with electric radiant floor heating to new and existing carpeted areas has never been easier!

* Note:

CarpetMate™ and RugBuddy™ are interchangeable! The only difference between the two heaters are the application and option to use the digital, programmable IntuiStat™ thermostat with your RugBuddy!



Control Options:

  • IntuiStat™ Digital, Programmable Thermostat
  • PlugBuddy™ Plug-in Thermostat


Energy Efficient

  • Costs as little to operate as your average light fixture.
  • Save energy by zone heating...heating only the rooms in use.
  • Turn your central heater down to save energy.
  • Radiant heating creates comfort at an average of 10F less than forced air heating.
  • The largest CarpetMate panel is only 470 watts.


  • Tested 100% Safe
  • No risk of fire!
  • No risk of shock!
  • GFCI protected!
  • Waterproof!


  • No EMR!
  • No dust circulation!
  • No Carbon Monoxide!


  • Rolling Office Chairs are OK!
  • Furniture Legs OK!
  • Washable - Even Steam Clean your Carpets!

Speedheat is the world leader in safe, energy efficient, durable, electric radiant floor heating for under all flooring types.

As the inventors of in-touch, electric radiant floor heating in 1985, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who know what we're doing. The super thin, patented element is less than 1/16 of an inch, so you know that build up isn't a problem.

Choose whatever flooring you like, and we have an energy efficient solution for you in whatever room you like!

Our heating systems are tested 100% safe and can be used as primary heating, supplementary, or floor warming.

Free Quotations!

New Flooring Installation or Retrofit - Hardwired with Programmable Thermostat

  • Simply Fax or Email a Drawing of your Floorplan
    (this is very important for an accurate quote... just a rough sketch with exact dimensions of all areas and thermostat placement preference).
    • Just make sure to include:

      1. Drawing with size (dimensions) and placement of any large furniture, cabinets, doorways, etc.
      2. Floorcovering you plan to use - our systems can go under virtually any flooring!
      3. Subfloor
      4. Installation (i.e. glued, floating, nailed, and anything out of the ordinary for tile, carpet, etc.)
      5. Hard-wired with thermostat or plug in (for hard-wired, indicate thermostat placement preference).
      6. 120V or 240V system preference.
      7. Time frame for the job.
      8. Contact information, such as name, company, address, email, phone, fax, etc.
      9. If you have used our systems or similar systems in the past.
      10. Referred by: Not required, of course, but we always like to know how you found us... especially if it was a referral from someone you know. We like to thank our fans, personally!
      11. ... and any other information you think is important.

    .. and we will do the work for you! Quotations are complimentary, and of course, you are under no obligation to buy.