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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Area Calculator

Calculate the square footage of your area with this handy area calculator. You can choose from a square, triangle, rectangle, sphere, or circle area calculation.

If you have an area with irregular shapes, simply measure them as individual areas and add the results for the entire square footage calculation of the room!

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Speedheat Floor Heating offers easy-to-install, energy efficient, safe electric radiant floor heating systems for all heating needs.

With the patented Speedheat G4 ultra-thin, corrosion-resistant, flexible heating element, we are able to offer floor heating solutions for under all floor coverings, applications.

Speedheat Floor Heating systems are flexible enough for all heating needs including:

  • Primary and whole house floor heating
    • Ideal for optimal energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort control, and safe heating!
  • Supplemental heating
    • For those cold spots in places like your basement, sunken living rooms, the cold room over your garage, sunrooms, playrooms, offices, reception areas, and other places that you seem to have a hard time keeping warm.
  • Floor warming
    • Perfect for if you just want to take the chill out of your cold floors in bathrooms, sitting areas, play areas, to promote blood circulation, ease aches and pains, and overall comfort, etc.

About Speedheat Floor Heating

As the inventors of G4 electric radiant floor heating, the patented, ultra-thin Speedheat G4 element has been perfected by Belgian and Dutch engineers with a sophistication that is unparalleled in the heating industry.

These highly specialized and experienced engineers have worked tirelessly for over 25 years to bring you the perfect heating solution for your home, office, boat, and more.

With a focus on safety, energy efficiency, comfort, durability, and customer service, Speedheat Floor Heating has a solution for whatever your application or surface!

  • Worried about flooring height buildup?
    • With the ultra thin, flexible, corrosion-resistant heating element, floor buildup is never a Patented Speedheat Floor Heating Elementproblem.
      * Element is tested 100% safe
  • Clean, Simple Installation
    • No thinset needed for under wood, carpet, or portable under area rugs!
    • Save on thinset when you need to use it by having to cover an element that is only 1/16" instead of most others that are double to quadruple in thickness!

The Patented G4 Element

      • Core
        • Self-regulating for optimal temperature control.
        • Multi-stranded for flexibility & durability
      • Primary Insulation
        • Superior Tefzel
        • Tested to 5000 Volts
      • Ground
        • Helically wound for full surround safety.
        • EMR and RF shield for healthy radiant heating
          • No EMR/RF (electromagnetic radiation or radio frequency interference)
      • Tefzel Outer Insulation Layer
        • Flexible
        • Non-aging
        • Abrasion & chemical resistant
        • Waterproof for safe installation in wet environments & showers!