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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


New and Coming Soon Product Watch!

New Products and Coming Technologies

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In addition to being the world leader in safe, energy efficient, durable, electric radiant floor heating for under all flooring types, Speedheat is always looking for new ways to make your lives easier and more comfortable - safely and efficiently!


New and Upcoming Products to Watch For:

Speedheat Toilet Seat Warmer!ThroneBuddy™ Adjustable Toilet Seat Warmers!

Never have to sit on a cold toilet in the middle of the night again! Your hiney will be just as toasty as your toes when you make your nightly trip... stay warm all over, so you can go right back to sleep in total comfort!

Bathtub WarmerBathtub Warmers!

Escape from all of the stresses of your day with the relaxation of radiant heat on your back with warm water, some soft candles, and let it all go...

If you're a bath person, you know how cold it can be when you enter that warm, welcoming water... only to lay back to relax and be greeted by a freezing cold bath tub! With this new technology, you can spot heat your bath tub where you lean back to unwind or heat around the whole thing! No more pushing the hot water up, hoping that you can warm it up enough to reduce the shock of the freezing porcelain to no avail. Ahh... I can imagine it right now...

Snow and Ice Melting by SpeedheatSnow Melting!

It's the first snow or ice of the winter, and you have to go somewhere fast... you can go out early and salt or use the snow shovel - hoping not to slip and fall - or, you can flip a switch or a handy remote to turn on your snow melting system!

Imagine walking out to a clear porch, steps, and walkway out to your unobstructed driveway. You get in your car and go - as the neighbors look at you enviously while shovelling the snow out of their pathways.

More to come soon, so check back often!

We are always looking for more ideas, too, so feel free to send us an email with any suggestions. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your life better!

Speedheat is Floor HeatingAs the inventors of electric radiant floor surface heating electric radiant floor heating in 1985, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who know what we're doing. The super thin, patented element is less than 1/16 of an inch, so you know that build up isn't a problem.

Choose whatever flooring you like, and we have an energy efficient solution for you in whatever room you like!

Our heating systems are tested 100% safe and can be used as primary heating, supplementary, or floor warming.

RugBuddy under Rug Heater and GFCI Plug Buy the RugBuddy™ 940 (8' x 11') now!

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