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Speedheat® is Floor Heating



Non-Slip, Reversible, Thermal Insulation Padding for under RugBuddy™

KlimaGrip on Carpeting

KlimaGrip™ on Carpeting
(black side up)


KlimaGrip on Hard Surfaces

KlimaGrip™ on Hard Surfaces
(white side up)

Note that this is optional. You can use your own rug pad!

KlimaGrip™ prevents wrinkling, buckling, crawling, and moving of an area rug and RugBuddy™ on any type of flooring.

KlimaGrip™ provides thermal insulation between a hard floor and the heating panel, improving your RugBuddy™ under rug heater panel's performance and efficiency.

KlimaGrip™ is made of two non-woven polyester fabrics that are permanently needle-punched together and coated on both sides with a specially formulated water-based sensitive dry adhesive.

Note that you do NOT have to use KlimaGrip™ under your RugBuddy™

However, you MUST use a rug pad of some sort (the normal mesh kind you find at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or your local carpet or rug store are generall fine) and tape your RugBuddy™ to your rug pad.

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