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Testimonials, Reviews, and Customer Feedback

Testimonials, Reviews, and Customer Feedback on Energy Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating Products and Services

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Maybe we are just bragging, but they are, too! Listen to what some of our customers have shared with us about their experiences!

What our Customers are Saying!

Plug In Area Rug Space Heaters

"I’d suggest taking a look at plug in area rug space heaters. The specific model and brand that comes to mind would be RugBuddy. My reasoning for suggesting this kind an area rug space heater is simple. Out of sight, out of mind. Short of getting a good spot to plug it in at, this is likely to be the best bet without looking at adding something much more expensive.

Now it helps to have an area rug when going this route, as we are talking about RugBuddy being a radiant heat source that depends on owning anarea rug to cover the floor space with to begin with. But even bundled with the cost of buying a new area rug, owning a RugBuddy is still an economical solution to avoiding the cold winter blues."

Ever hear of a Rugbuddy?

Well we never did until we spent a weekend at Roy's daughter's house. In their quest bathroom while standing on the area rug, it felt so warm that I wanted to lay down on it. Under the rug was a "heater runner" called a Rugbuddy. My thought was, "I want one for under the area rugs we have in Lil Red". So we just ordered one....2' X 7.5'  Not that I am looking forward to using it next season, but when we do use it along with the fireplace, we'll be nice and toasty. Bet the cats love it too!

Check it out! www.speedheat.us/sales/rugbuddy/rugbuddy.html

From the Cardinal RV Club Forum

We were fortunate to get one for Christmas from an anonymous donor! It has been great with our concrete floors. Maybe you could take 10% of the sales price and put it towards supplying rugbuddys to those less fortunate because for us, we never could have afforded one ourselves.
Amy W.

That's a great idea, Amy! We are so glad you are enjoying yours... I (Ingrid) remember the phone call from your anonymous donor... you have great people in your life, who care about you very much. Best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy, prosperous year. You guys deserve it!
RugBuddy under Area Rug Heater

Thank you so much, Ingrid! With 5 little ones (all 5 and under) we are very much enjoying the warm floor!!! And it definitely helps keep the room warm as well. We have concrete throughout so we hope someday we can add one to each room since concrete is SO cold - even with area rugs! We noticed it is warming the floor about a foot out from the rug too! YEA!!! It's very NICE!!! A great product for sure!
Amy W.

Yes, I heard your story, and I don't know how you do it! My mother had 7 of us, but we were spaced out two years... Kudos to you for doing such a great thing... you will be rewarded so richly. Thanks so much for the kind words!

From Facebook
Amy W.

January 6
, 2010

"I Love My Bermuda Heated Floors by Speedheat".

That would be the title of my book if I were to write about the "TileWarm" floor heating installed in my master bathroom four months ago.

My sales representative, Laurima Stovell, first shared about the Speedheat flooring during the renovation of our home. It was new to me, but I was very pleased to know that I could finally change to have warm bathroom floor tiles, which had been very cold in the winter for years. My husband, Marty, was initially skeptical concerning what might go wrong, but he is now the number 2 praiser of the "TileWarm" floors. I'm #1.

For at least 2 weeks straight he would tell me daily how he really loves it under his bare feet and wishes we had all of the downstairs hardwoods and kitchen tile heated.

Other great benefits for us are that we can set the unit on the temperature we want for the heat to come ON / OFF automatically, for whatever times we set and the Monitoring unit is on at all times. Also, the entire bathroom and walk-in closet space is kept warm, not only the bathroom floor. We plan to add another room onto the patio area this summer and already my husband insists that we install Speedheat flooring.

Even when we ran into an obstacle due to the electrician, the Speedheat expert installer Peter Newman completed the job in a short time with no problems. The whole system is awesome from meeting with the sales rep to installation and to completion.

I am so very happy about it. I told you that I can write a book, didn't I?

So, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Laurima of Bermuda Heated Floors for making our life so much more comfortable without increasing our heating bill, which is a real bonus.

Joan & Marty Osborne
Kennesaw, GA

April 4, 2010

I enclosed a screened porch with insulated windows several years ago. I leave the door and windows to the house open so most season's are pleasant on my new sun room.

A small window unit airconditioner I place only in one of the windows helps out in the summer. But the 1500 watt oil filled radiator had difficulty keeping the 11'x15'x15' room ... during the colder months in Birmingham. I even added a ceiling fan with a built-in 1500 watt ceramic heater and installed insulation under the tile floor (crawl space). I soon realized it was the exposed tile floor that was radiating all the cold into the room.

That's were the RugBuddy came to the rescue! I purchased two 5'x7' RugBuddy's to go under my 8'x10' rug looking for the maximum heat.

These things have far surpassed any of the other heating methods I've tried. They warm the tile up so that it is no longer radiates cold. Even the remaining uncovered tiles are a little warmer. And the heat the RugBuddy's provide does it from the ground up seeming to warm the entire room better.

I still have to use the oil filled radiator during the coldest temps., but only one of the "burners"; so effectively I'm using less wattage with the one burner and two RugBuddy's than before and achieving much more comfortable room temperatures. As you can tell, I highly recommend this product for efficient room heating, with safe, silent, and unobtrusive design.

Stan Woodson
Birmingham, Alabama
December 26, 2009 at 3:27pm

Dear Speedheat/INGRID,

Thanks so much for promptly sending my new RUGBUDDY. I installed it under our playroom rug and my 4 and 6 year old kids could not believe how much warmer it was to play on!

Mullica Hill, NJ
November 13, 2009

Wonderful product!

I bought one of these early in the year & it has been a blessing in my old, drafty, under-insulated house. I don't need to crank up the expensive gas heating, but I stay nice & warm in my family room now. I am saving up to buy 2 more in smaller sizes for other rooms. The increase in my electric bill has been slight, but the decrease in my gas bill has been noticeable!

Plus my older cat loves it too! She just lays right down & goes to sleep!

From Amazon.com RugBuddy 370 Review by
Matilda Ljungberg

August 27, 2009

"Love our Rug Buddy in living room--my daughter about laughed herself silly when I installed it but I have the last laugh, it's glorious heat and she's the first to turn it on! Buying one for BR and parents, thanks for a great product."

Raleigh, NC

"Have a 5x7 in my dining room (it's a little "bump out" with an gangway/underpass running underneath) and it's made all the difference! What used to be like an icebox is now a very pleasant place to dine. (And corner has become my dog's favorite resting spot!)"

Chicago, IL

"Howdy All,

Read through all this and had to join just to post. We use under area rug heating mats for our downstairs and have fallen in love with the product. All our bedrooms are in the basement, and the pellet stove is on the main living floor above keeping us toasty when we want to be. But last winter was the first in our new house, and those basement floors felt coooolllllddd even with large thick area rugs down.

I found & bought this product - http://www.speedheat.us/sales/rugbuddy/rugbuddy.html - and have them in the occupied bedrooms plus one in bathroom and one in the hallway downstairs. LOVE THEM!

Low energy use, low cost to use. Keeps the bedrooms nice and even, not hot or cold; we just unplug them if we're going out of town. We use a 5.5'x8' in the master bedroom, a 5'x7' one in the boys room, a 3'x5' in the large bath and a hallway runner one.

I like a moderate temp at night for sleeping (not that warm) so we keep the bedroom door open all the time, although this had more to do with the dog and cats and kids it ended up working out the best temp-wise too. For the boys at night we don't close their door, just pull it to halfway and the room warms up noticeably for sleeping. Interior doors are open downstairs during the day and the passive heat rising keeps the edge off things upstairs when we're at work/school.

Pellet stove doesn't have as far to start from with these things going, and our electricity bill has not taken much of a hit at all! Jeez I should be getting paid for this much smarm eh? A kickback at least maybe.

oh oh We just didn't have the budget to put in radiant floor heat into the basement slab as we dearly would have liked to (built our own place, in a year ago last fall) knowing that our bedrooms were going to be down there. These under rug mat things have made an enormous difference for us downstairs.

We were using wall heaters, only on when we were in the rooms and set to between 55-58 degrees when not occupied and they were huge electricity suckers. The units we have were supposed to be fairly efficient etc. but the basement still never felt that warm unless they were cranked on high all the time. Even then the floor area still felt chilly.

Now, I happily sit on the floor in my boys room and enjoy being downstairs again. I loved being down there before in the summer heat as it was 15-20 cooler than outside, and at least 10 degrees cooler than the upstairs:D Now we'll just unplug them when the weather warms up again. Don't even know they're there. Sorry about the tome, but thought I'd add a different alternative to backbreaking amounts of experimental ductwork. Anybody else out there using these?

Question from forum member:

Interesting product. I may try one for my office, under the desk with a timer/thermostat. Most of our area rugs are in the middle of the room. I wouldn't want to be tripping over a cord. For area rugs I would think that the cord attached would create a safety hazard.


We haven't had any trouble with the cords at all, but none of them cross a walking area either. I've had much more trouble with lamp cords myself - two torchieres and a desk lamp later. The cords are heavy duty and are quite durable enough to be walked on, I guess you'd just need to tape them down if they had to unavoidably cross a traffic area.

We've used three or four different space heaters in previous houses, as well as the Cadet and also King brand wall heaters and we've like these under rug mat thingys the best by far. Lower utility bills and we don't freak out about open doors and blankets or drapes across stairwell anymore. A nice change there.

Anybody else have any good economical basement (or slab floor) room heating solutions? These things weren't cheap to purchase, but have been quite cheap to run so far."


Seattle, WA

"This is just a note to tell you how pleased we are with your product. We purchased 2 pads to go under carpeting in our family room, which is located over an unheated crawl space. We live in northern Indiana and this last month (Dec.) was unusually cold and and we put your product to the test. It surpassed our expectations.

We have always had to have extra blankets on our chairs for those chilly nights and I've put them all away. It's amazing what a little warmth on the floor can do to keep the entire room comfortable.

And with gas prices higher this year, we've kept our thermostat turned back.

I could go on and on, but just know that we think you have a terrific product and we are planning on using it in at least 2 other rooms."

Rhonda Havlish
Elkhart, Indiana

"Thanks for the rugbuddy. It was a bit big for setting up in my showroom so I took it home and set it up under my living room rug. Immediately my Rotweiler dog and cat claimed it!

When my 9 year old son got up in the morning he walked over the rug and he was surprised it was so nice and toasty warm.

My 3 year old has been lying on it snuggling up and loving it."



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