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Electric Radiant Floor Heating Operating Cost Calculator by Speedheat®

Speedheat® is Floor Heating
Silent, Safe, Easy Installation, Energy Efficient

Speedheat® Floor Heating

Warm up your floors and home with the radiance of your new heating system by Speedheat Floor Heating.  Snuggly and soft; as if the sun touched you with his gentle arms, wrapping his healing arms around you.... comfortably and warmly, your heating system will last forever and save you energy. 

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cost to Operate Calculator

This calculator will help you to estimate the cost of operating any given electrical appliance, based on the average KWH (kilowatt hours) used per day and on the average cost per KWH charged by your electric company.

What was the total amount of your last Electric Bill?:

Enter the total KWH's used during the billing period:

Enter the watts as listed for your heater:

Or, if watts aren't given, enter the Volts:

And, if watts aren't given, enter the amps:

Enter the average number of hours per day you will use your heater?

This is your average cost per KWH:

This is the KWH's this heater uses per day:

This is the daily cost to operate this heater:

This is the monthly cost to operate this heater:

This is the annual cost to operate this heater:

This the percentage of your bill attributable to this heater:

Speedheat is the world leader in safe, energy efficient, durable, electric radiant floor heating for under all flooring types.

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