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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Safety Information

Speedheat® Electric Radiant Floor Heating is the Safest Way to Heat!

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Why is Speedheat® Floor Heating the Safest Way to Heat your Home or Business?


  • What is EMR or EMF (electromagnetic radiation/field)?
    Low-energy radiation that comes from the interaction of electric and magnetic fields. Sources include power lines, electric appliances, radio waves, microwaves, and others. Also called electromagnetic field.

    • Why is EMR bad?
      Studies have shown that exposure to EMR can cause a number of health problems, including cancer, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, neuromuscular problems, anxiety, seizures, skin problems, and cardiac problems to name a few.

    • Are you sure that Speedheat systems do not put off any EMR?
      Yes, our systems have been thoroughly tested to make certain that no electromagnetic radiation can escape our patented, double-insulated element with its full-ground surround. Not only do we care about our customers' health, but we all use these systems in our own homes, too!


  • Speedheat elements are self-regulated to stay at a temperature that is safe to touch, so you will never have to worry about being burned by touching our element!


  • Speedheat systems cannot cause fire.
    • Why Not?
      Simple... with self-regulation, a full-ground surrounded element, and GFCI protection, if there were to be a break in the element wire, electricity would automatically shut off, so there is no risk of an electrical fire when installed properly! Additionally, since the heaters are installed under flooring or area rugs, there is no space for air, so fire would be unable to breathe.

Electric Shock and GFCI Protection

  • For the same reasons that our systems cannot start a fire, there is no risk of electric shock. With the patented, full-ground surround element and GFCI protection, Speedheat systems will never shock you. In the case of a ground fault, the system will simply shut off immediately.


  • Our systems are waterproof, so you can clean them, spill liquid on them, and use them in wet areas with no safety risks!

Prove it!

  • All Speedheat floor heating products are manufactured under DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standards, and comply with the essential requirements of CE guidelines IEC 335-1 : 1991 and other applicable tests (under tile), IEC 60335-1 : 2001 and other applicable standards (under carpet), EMC Test compliance EN 50082-1:1992 and DQS-IQNET ISO 9001:2000 Certificate No. 261368 QM. All of our heating systems are NEC Complaint and are tested 100% safe.

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