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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Benefits of Speedheat® Electric Radiant Floor Heating

The many benefits of the 100% safest, healthiest, most comfortable, easy-to-install, flexible, silent, maintenance-free, ductless, invisible electric radiant floor heating systems for under all floor coverings by Speedheat® Floor Heating

There are many benefits to choosing Speedheat patented heating systems.

    Simple Installation

    Energy Efficient

  • Zone heating - heat only the areas you're using.
    • Lower your thermostat - most people are comfortable at up to 10 degrees lower temperatures when using radiant heating.
    • Low operating costs - In conjunction with the 7-day, 4 settings/day programmable IntuiStat™ thermostat, operating at 8 hours/day, straight, it will cost less than $0.50 per day to run.
  • The 100% Safest Way to Heat

    • No Fire
    • No EMR
    • No Electric Shock.
  • Waterproof

    • Can be cleaned and installed in wet areas without risk of shock or product damage!
    • Can be installed virtually anywhere, including all flooring surfaces, showers, and outdoor patios and porches!
  • Durable

    • Can be installed in high-traffic areas and under desks where rolling chairs are used.


  • The most comfortable way to heat.

         Unparallelled Customer Service and Satisfaction Record

  • Portable and Hard-wired options.
  • Same or next business-day shipping.
  • 5-year warranty against manufacturer defect.
  • Break detection and repair.
    • We can detect a break in your heating system down to the individual tile, so you do not have to tear up your entire floor if something were to happen to the element.
  • Our elements have a patented, double-insulated, a full-ground surround. As a result, our systems emit no electromagnetic radiation.
  • All Speedheat products are tested 100% safe, so you can rest assured that they have been thoroughly tested for safety and wear and tear.
  • You are also dealing with the inventors of electric radiant floor heating, who have been installing these systems worldwide since 1985.

From The Inventor of Speedheat® Electric Radiant Heating Systems, Pieter JansensPieter Jansens Speedheat Inventor

Hydronic Heating vs. Speedheat Electric Radiant Floor Heating

If a person had experience with hydronic heating, the problems are often obvious.

  • Sluggishness and difficulty in controlling zones or regions in the home often resulted in overshooting with a clumsy reacting system.

  • In addition, it takes regular maintenance on the electro-thermal control valves, pumps, etc.

  • One is advised to run the system in Spring Summer and Fall periodically to avoid clogging and scaling in the valves and pipes.

  • Systems may be gas or oil fired, but unlikely electric. If electric fired with boilers, the system has a low efficiency factor.

All systems were reputed to be expensive to run. However, people who had them installed love them, as it sure is an improved comfort level with warm floors in comparing all alternatives. Nowadays, we call these older systems "energy guzzlers".

  • Electric energy is cleaner. It is also an investment in tomorrow as the chief future energy source.

Generation 4 radiant flooring from Speedheat is the latest and fastest in floor warming.

  • Control is per room, on time, every time but not all the time. No waste in empty rooms. The result is a huge amount of energy savings.

  • In addition with lower level comfort temperatures, heat loss is less.

  • Add to that set back temperature per room while unoccupied, and you save more still.

  • Even with mediocre roof or wall insulation, the energy consumed is far less because the energy need to reach radiant comfort is less, hence the losses are lower.
    Yet in whatever room you are present, you feel just wonderful. And should you wish to boost a room, Speedheat responds within minutes.

  • With Speedheat you save by preventing waste. Through G4 warming and smart applications minimizing losses through our comfort from the ground up principle.

Note: RugBuddy™ is a throw rug warming appliance, delivering all the advantages of floor heating and more. - A win win solution.

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