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Green Facts

Pollution, Recycling, and Environmental Awareness Facts

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Did you know?
Recycling saves energy: Creating a new aluminum can from scratch takes 95% more energy than making a can from recycled aluminum.

Traffic Pollution

Did you know?
Automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and buses in the U.S. drove over 2.8 trillion miles in 2002 -- comparable to driving to the sun and back 13,440 times.


Smog Pollution

Did you know?
Pollution from industrialized countries is heating the Arctic atmosphere faster than any region on Earth, a new study warns.


Trash Pollution

Did you know?
The average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash every day, which is almost twice the amount of trash the average American produced daily in 1960.

Global Smog

Did you know?
A satellite image from July 2004 shows thick smoke wafting from boreal forest fires (marked by red dots) in lower latitudes into the Canadian Maritime Arctic.





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