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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Boat and Yacht Heating

Energy Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Boats and Yachts

Speedheat Floor Heating for Boats and Yachts

The Speedheat® brand is known around the world for, among other things, its safety in areas where other electric heating systems would fail or worse, be dangerous. One of the many areas is on boats and yachts. The corrosion-resistant, waterproof element makes Speedheat® the perfect solution for primary heating as well as to reduce condensation on floors and stop window fogging.

The ability to quickly heat up as well as rapidly cool down of the Speedheat Floor Heating systems make it the ideal solution because it is often much cooler in the evenings and perfectly comfortable in the daytime. This also helps when you are looking to control condensation on the floors as well as in the windows.

The condensation control is especially important to control corrosion, rusting, mold, and mildew that happens so frequently on water vessels. The patented Speedheat G4® element is less than 1/16", so you do not have to worry about floor buildup, and it is invisible, waterproof, durable, GFCI-protected, versatile, flexible, and easy to install for under any floor coverings or windows you may have.

Speedheat is Floor Heating Speedheat is the world leader in safe, energy efficient, durable, electric radiant floor heating for under all flooring types.

As the inventors of electric radiant floor surface heating electric radiant floor heating in 1985, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who know what we're doing. The super thin, patented element is less than 1/16 of an inch, so you know that build up isn't a problem.

Choose whatever flooring you like, and we have an energy efficient solution for you in whatever room you like!

Our heating systems are tested 100% safe and can be used as primary heating, supplementary, or floor warming.


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