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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Portable under Desk Floor Heaters

Safe, No RF, No EMR, Silent, Energy Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating for under Your Desk at the Office

Desk Heating

Are you always cold in your office?

Many offices will not allow you to have personal space heaters in your office for safety reasons.

  • RugBuddy™ under rug heaters by Speedheat® are tested 100% safe and are manufactured according to NEC safety regulations. Simply put, no matter how hard independent testers have tried, they cannot figure out how to make them catch on fire.
    • The GFCI plug and multi-stranded, helically-wound, double-insulated element helps with this.  Any fault, and it shuts off immediately... self-regulated, too, so it will not overheat either.
    • No noxious fumes such as carbon monoxide or natural gas means there is no risk of toxicity either.

Many do not want the noise, electromagnetic radiation/RF field, added expense to operate them, or the additional clutter.

RugBuddy™ by Speedheat®...
  • is silent.
  • has no electricmagnetic radiation or RF field, so there is no cancer risk or electronic interference from an exposed electrical field.
  • costs pennies a day to operate. Click Here to Calculate Operating Costs
  • less than 1/16" and hidden under an area rug with a flat, white cord that is easily hidden from sight.

Beyond all of that, RugBuddy™ under desk portable electric radiant heaters offer improved circulation and easy control over your personal comfort. No one has to worry about freezing out or burning up anyone in your office anymore, and at 11-watts/square foot, your company will be greener for it and save money with the added energy savings!

  • If you need one more reason to convince them, Speedheat® radiant heating increases productivity because of the vasodilation properties.  Blood flows more easily to your brain as your veins open up, increasing oxygen supply, comfort, and concentration...
    • Simply put, Speedheat® just might make you smarter and happier while saving money and energy, so how can anyone argue with that?

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