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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Playroom Heating

Safe, Silent, Healthy, and Energy Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating by Speedheat® is the only Logical Choice to Heat Play Rooms

Why is a playroom heating system by Speedheat the perfect solution for all children's rooms?

In addition to being closer to the ground when standing, children are always playing with their toys and such on the floor, right?

These floors are always much colder with conventional heating methods... but of course, we know that because heat rises.

Dear Ingrid/SPEEDHEAT,

Once again, I would like to thank YOU and the management at SPEEDHEAT for shipping me the RUGBUDDY and KlimaGrip Pad after the last winter season.

We just installed it in our kids' playroom in our New Jersey home. Our three children love it and it's wonderful to feel their warm toes when my wife and I get down on the floor to play with them (not to mention how good it feels on my back!).


Nick L.

Why else are children always colder than adults in a room?

Most adults do not realize that the rooms are as cold as they are to the children because we are not as close to the floor as the kids... and it doesn't help that conventional heating methods blow in hot air that goes directly to the ceiling... sometimes even worse by blowing down from the ceiling!

Then, of course, the thermostats are located at about eye level for an adult, so if we look at the thermostat, and it says it's 70-74 degrees in the room, of course the kids are warm, right?

... but check their hands and runny noses, and it will tell you another story... or just lay down on the floor at their level and see how just how cold it really is down there!

Baby crawlingAllergies and Germs

... and we won't even go into the problems with allergies and sickness from dust, bacteria, mold, and viruses circulating throughout the home from forced air systems.

SafetyCarpet Heater and Baby

... and of course, you have to worry about their safety. You need a system that:

  • Will not burn them if they touch it.
  • Will not shock them or cause a fire if they break it (GFCI protected).
  • Is waterproof, so you can clean the area, and when the inevitable accidents and spillage happens, they are not at risk.
  • Has no EMR/EMF (electromagnetic radiation/field).

Energy Efficient

... and wouldn't it be nice if you could help the environment and lower your heating bills in the process?

Well, this may prove to be difficult with other systems, but it is quite simple with a Speedheat electric radiant floor heating system for your play area!

If your flooring is already installed, grab a RugBuddy™, throw it under an area rug, plug it in, and you're good to go.

If it's carpeting, you can simply pull back the carpeting, and install CarpetMate™ between the pad and the carpeting with the option to hard-wire it into a GFCI-protected IntuiStat™ or simply plug it in and use the on/off button, a timer, or a PlugBuddy™ Smart Digital, Programmable, Plug-in Thermostat!

If you're installing new flooring, your options are endless!


Your Options!

  • RugBuddy - Plug in space heater alternative

    • If it is just a small space that needs a boost, try the RugBuddy™ under an area rug. No electrician is needed - simply lay down your rug pad, lay down your RugBuddy heating panel, tape down the corners, lay down your rug, plug in, turn on, and enjoy!
  • New Flooring Installation - Hardwired with Programmable Thermostat

    • Simply Fax or Email a Drawing of your Floorplan (this is very important for an accurate quote... just a rough sketch with exact dimensions of all areas and thermostat placement preference).
      • Fax: 678-391-3248
      • Email: play...@speedheat.us
        • Just make sure to include:
          1. Drawing with size (dimensions) and placement of any large furniture, cabinets, doorways, etc.
          2. Floorcovering you plan to use - our systems can go under virtually any flooring!
          3. Subfloor
          4. Installation (i.e. glued, floating, nailed, and anything out of the ordinary for tile, carpet, etc.)
          5. Hard-wired with thermostat or plug in (for hard-wired, indicate thermostat placement preference).
          6. 120V or 240V system preference.
          7. Time frame for the job.
          8. Contact information, such as name, company, address, email, phone, fax, etc.
          9. If you have used our systems or similar systems in the past.
          10. Referred by: Not required, of course, but we always like to know how you found us... especially if it was a referral from someone you know. We like to thank our fans, personally!
          11. ... and any other information you think is important.
          .. and we will do the work for you! Quotations are complimentary, and of course, you are under no obligation to buy.

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