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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Bedroom Heating Systems

Silent, Easy to Install, Safe, Energy Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating for your Bedrooms

Relax in Comfort and Safety

You spend up to one-third of your life in the bedroom and as a comfort connoisseur, you should not compromise your senses during those cold mornings and evenings.

Speedheat will create the perfect place for relaxation, and you can sleep cozy and safe, knowing that there are no dangerous fumes or noisy forced air drafts; no danger from open flames; no high temperature electric elements...

Bedroom HeatingJust warm floors greeting you as you step out of bed in the morning.

Energy Efficiency!

Install Speedheat in each bedroom, and you can turn down your central heating system at night, so you are not heating unoccupied rooms.

Personalized Comfort Levels

Independently control night time temperatures according to each person in your family's needs and sleeping patterns!

Speedheat electric radiant heating panels are safe and easy to install under any new floor covering and even under existing wall-to-wall carpets or area rugs.

Control Options:

RugBuddy™ Options:

Your Options!

  • RugBuddy - Plug in space heater alternative

    • If it is just a small space that needs a boost, try the RugBuddy™ under an area rug. No electrician is needed - simply lay down your rug pad, lay down your RugBuddy heating panel, tape down the corners, lay down your rug, plug in, turn on, and enjoy!
  • New Flooring Installation - Hardwired with Programmable Thermostat

    • Simply Fax or Email a Drawing of your Floorplan (this is very important for an accurate quote... just a rough sketch with exact dimensions of all areas and thermostat placement preference).
      • Fax: 678-391-3248
      • Email: bedr...@speedheat.us
        • Just make sure to include:
          1. Drawing with size (dimensions) and placement of any large furniture, cabinets, doorways, etc.
          2. Floorcovering you plan to use - our systems can go under virtually any flooring!
          3. Subfloor
          4. Installation (i.e. glued, floating, nailed, and anything out of the ordinary for tile, carpet, etc.)
          5. Hard-wired with thermostat or plug in (for hard-wired, indicate thermostat placement preference).
          6. 120V or 240V system preference.
          7. Time frame for the job.
          8. Contact information, such as name, company, address, email, phone, fax, etc.
          9. If you have used our systems or similar systems in the past.
          10. Referred by: Not required, of course, but we always like to know how you found us... especially if it was a referral from someone you know. We like to thank our fans, personally!
          11. ... and any other information you think is important.
          .. and we will do the work for you! Quotations are complimentary, and of course, you are under no obligation to buy.

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