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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


School Heating Systems

Silent, Healthy, Safe, Energy efficient, Easy-to-install, Electric Radiant Zoned Floor Heating by Speedheat®

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Speedheat heating systems for schools only makes sense.

Quiet and Energy Efficient!

In addition to a quiet heating system that doesn't distract your students during their lessons or play time, Speedheat heating systems are energy efficient!

Increase Attendance and Decrease Sickness!

Increase attendance with a system that decreases the spread of sickness and doesn't blow around dust, germs, viruses, and bacteria!

Zone Heating!

We all know that when one room of the school is warm, another is almost always freezing. With a Speedheat electric radiant floor heating system, each area will have its own zone; eliminating this problem altogether!

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Now that you have tried it with the Speedheat®, compare to other space heaters!