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Speedheat® is Floor Heating


Childcare and Daycare Heating Systems

Commercial Energy Efficient Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Daycare and Childcare Centers

Speedheat is the perfect choice for daycare and childcare centers heating for so many reasons!

Floors are cold... and heat rises...

Children are closer to the floor even when they aren't playing on the floor all day, so it only makes sense to heat from the floor-up. This saves energy, keeps them warm, and keeps the teachers and adult staff from roasting throughout the day!Daycare Floor Heater

Germs and Sickness

We all know that anywhere that you have a lot of kids, you have germs.

With Speedheat floor heating, you decrease sickness from germs, bacteria, and viruses being blown throughout the classrooms through forced air ventilation systems!

Speedheat carpet and tile heaters are perfect for childcare facilities and playrooms! Don't forget to ask the daycare facilities you are considering if they have heated floors by Speedheat!

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